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Embark on a Journey through Barcelona's History !

Nestled in the enchanting Mont Roig del Camp, AldeaMia is your gateway to the historical and cultural treasures of Barcelona, a city replete with unforgettable monuments.

1. The Sagrada Familia: An Iconic Monument

An hour’s drive takes you to the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s undeniable symbol. Designed by Antoni Gaudí, this basilica is renowned for its towering spires and richly decorated facades, blending Gothic and Art Nouveau styles. Still under construction, it is a masterpiece in constant evolution.

2. Park Güell: An Artistic Oasis

Park Güell, another of Gaudí’s masterpieces, is a green haven dotted with art. The pathways, mosaic benches, and whimsical structures provide an immersive experience in the artist’s imagination.

3. La Rambla: Barcelona’s Vibrant Avenue

La Rambla, Barcelona’s most famous avenue, is a lively hub lined with cafes, markets, and shops. This promenade is the beating heart of the city, the perfect place to feel Barcelona’s energy.

4. The Gothic Quarter: A Time Travel

The Gothic Quarter, with its narrow streets and medieval buildings, is a true journey back in time. Every corner reveals a part of Barcelona’s centuries-old history, from the Gothic cathedral to the Plaza Real.

Your Base to Explore Barcelona

AldeaMia in Mont Roig del Camp is the perfect place to start these explorations. After a day of discovering Barcelona’s wonders, you can relax in the comfort and tranquility of AldeaMia.